Town of Mount Jackson


The people of Mount Jackson are served by a Mayor and Town Council form of government, elected to 4 year terms on a rotation so that elections are held every two years. The most recent election was held 5/7/2014 for Town Mayor and Town Council and took effect 7/1/2014.
Town staff administer the Town Code and manage the business of the town and council.

The public is welcome to attend and comment at Town Council meetings, which are held the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:30 PM at the Council Chamber, located at 5901 Main Street. Council members also serve on additional committees (see below). Liasons from the council also serve alongside residents on the Planning Commission and the Economic Development Authority.
For a schedule of committee meetings and agendas or minutes, see the meetings and minutes page.

Mayor, J. G. “Bucky” Miller-
The Mayor meets with the public the first Wednesday evening of each month from 7-8 PM at Town Hall in his office.  Mayor Miller’s contact number is (540) 325-5478 and his email is
Town Council Members
Dennis L. Andrick ’16  (540) 325-1930
Ken Hackenbracht ’18  (540) 477-3269
Whitney Miller ’18 (540) 477-2121
Donald I. Pifer ’16  (540) 477-3735
Roger Rudy ’18 (540) 477-4428
Rod Shepherd ’16  (540) 477-9734

Town Council Committees
Finance – Rod Shepherd, Chair
Ordinance – Dennis Andrick, Chair
Public Services – Ken Hackenbracht, Chair
Personnel – Donnie Pifer, Chair
Public Properties and Facilities – Whitney Miller, Chair
Public Safety – Roger Rudy, Chair

Planning Commission Members
Bonnie Good ’18-Chairperson (540) 477-3143
Larry Hand ’18-Vice Chair (540) 477-9104
Ken Hackenbracht ’18 (540) 477-3269
Heather Diehl ’16 (540) 477-3269
Anita Miller ’17 (540) 477-2708
Mark Bowyer ’16 (540) 758-1144
Amanda Ludwig ’19 (540) 975-1248
Town Staff
To reach the staff, call  (540) 477-2121 or email townoffice [at] or come by the Town Office Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 4:45 pm.
Town Manager- Kevin Fauber
Finance Director/Treasurer – Neil Showalter
Town Clerk & Administrative Asst. – Heather Taylor
Assistant Town Treasurer – Sharon Bauserman
Office Assistant- Susan Maziarz

Police Department –
mount jackson va policeCall 911 for emergencies.

Office number for other inquiries: 540-477-2242

Chief of Police-Jeff Sterner
Sergeant Robert Young
Officer John Armentrout
Officer Mark Johnson
Officer Ricky Wilson

Auxiliary Officer Dawn Vann
Auxiliary Officer David Vann
Auxiliary Officer Brandon Olah

For contacts and details about the Town’s Water and Sewer service, see the Public Works page.

Current job opportunities with the Town of Mount Jackson are posted in our “news” section. Candidates should download and complete the Town Employment Application located below.
NOTE: Job Applications for the Police Department are a separate application from the regular Town application. Call the town office at 540-477-2121 to pick up a Police Department Application.
Town of Mount Jackson Employment Application