Town of Mount Jackson

Planning and Zoning

The Mount Jackson Comprehensive Plan and the Mount Jackson Town Code layout the parameters for growth and development in the town limits. Town Staff are available to answer questions about the processes in the town.

The current Mount Jackson Zoning Chart can be viewed here.


Planning and Zoning Fees –

(These figures will be updated with the new budget)
Zoning Permit Application $10
Permit Application for Download

Variance Application $200
Contact Town Hall for an application

Re-Zoning Application – Under 1 acre $200
Re-Zoning Application – Over 1 Acre $300 + $50 Per Proposed Lot**
Contact Town Hall for an application

Proffer Model Calculation – REIMBURSE TOWN EXPENSE

Site Plan Review – Minor $250**
Site Plan Review – Major (Preliminary And Final) $500**

Special Use Permit Application – $200
Application for Download

Subdivision Review – $100 plus $10 per lot**

Lot Line Adjustment/Relocation $25 for no more than two lots

Appeal of Zoning Administrator Decision $100

**In addition to these fees the applicant must reimburse the Town its actual cost for consultant review services directly associated with the review of the application.