Town of Mount Jackson


Personal Property Taxes –   $.80 per $100 assessed value (Vehicle Tax $.61 per R-07-10)

Delinquent Personal Property taxes that were not paid by 2/21/2016st have been turned in to the Division of Motor Vehicles for a stop, causing a $40 fee attached to the taxes due that prevents the registration from successfully being renewed. **Effective 6/8/16-When paying delinquent taxes that have a DMV stop, if paying by Cash or Credit Card the stop will be lifted within 24 hours. If paying by Check, there will be a 10 day wait until the check clears the bank before the DMV stop is lifted.

Stops are placed annually and are not vehicle specific. If you owe the Town of Mount Jackson taxes and your information is entered for a stop with DMV, the stop follows your license number.

Car Decals – Car decals are $25 annually, motorcycles are $15, and trailers are $10. Decals are not replaced each year.  If you trade your vehicle in or sell it, be sure to take the old decal off of your windshield and take it to the town office where you will be able to pay $1.00 for a transfer.  You must be up to date with all of your taxes to be able to do this.

Real Estate Tax –  14 cents per $100 assessed value

Cigarette Tax – 45 cents/pack, 20 cents/pack for packs less than 20 cigarettes
$25 per roll Registered Agent Discount

Motel Tax – 5%

Meals Tax – 5.5%