National Register of Historic Places

National Register of Historic Places

The Union Church and Cemetery website was built and donated by Holtzman Corp.

The Union Church and Cemetery

If there is in Shenandoah County a Church that is entitled to be called the church of the town, it is doubtless the most conspicuous landmark of Mt. Jackson, the little Red Brick Church that stands in the middle of the cemetery in the center of town.
Thus recorded Shenandoah Valley's historian, Dr. John Wayland.


Reuben Moore's Will

Before there was a Mt. Jackson in 1826, there was Mt. Pleasant and Reuben Moore's will. The year of the will was July, 1822.

The appropriate section reads as follows:
"I... give the schoolhouse that stands beyond Pollocks on the left of the Main road with about 3/4 of an acre of Land annext to it more or less. I likewise give and add to the house and lot already named one half acre of land I purchased of Alexander Doyle and hold his deed for it. This land be and remain for the free use of a meeting house, school house and burying ground forever to be free for all Christian Ministers of any society to preach in."